Friday, September 4, 2009

After Election

hi everyone!
it's been more than 2 weeks since the presidential elections in Afghanistan and they're still counting the votes! I just don't know what are all those guys doing, but as i followed the news, Mr. Karzai is possibly the president for the next 5 years. Some people say that he's not the right person for this chair because he did nothing for afg in the last 7 years, but I say there has been a lot of change in afg since then and it's not just all of a sudden! I accept that Pres. Karzai could do a lot more for his people, but let's be realistic (and optimistic of course!) Afghanistan can't recover from the war wounds in just 7 years! Look at Iran, there has been just 8 years of war with iraq, but the southwestern provinces (near the border with iraq) are still suffering from the lack of facilities; and 20 years is passed!
well, i myself would vote for Mr. Bashardost (Afghans in iran and Pakistan couldn't vote) 'cause i think he's the best person who could lead the country in such situation, he's well-educated, very patriot and has enough experience in his field (he has been the minister of plan in Karzai's cabinet and is currently Member of Parliment) he lives with the ordinary people and understands their problems well. But unfortunately he wasn't widely supported 'cause he was not connected to any party...
anyways, i hope whoever becomes the next president, works for his country to lead it to an Afghanistan In Peace!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

one year passed!

hi everyone!
i wanted to update here earlier, but i couldn't due to internet problems in iran before and after elections, my pc problems which are now soleved (thank God!) and some other things...
anyways, i'm here now! with many new ideas to write..
Thank u all for supporting me to come back!
God bless you!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Eid Mubarak

Asalamo alaikom! I really like to write here more often, but I can't. Anyways I'm here to say congratulations to all my muslim brothers and sisters because of the eid ul-fitr.

30 days of the holy Ramadan month passed and now it's time to celebrate the Eid. It's a big day for those who obeyed God and fasted the whole month. here in iran we celebrate the eid only for one day while in most Islamic countries especially my dear Afghanistan, people have eid for 3 days, for which they prepare new clothes and good food (I'm afraid this year the prices have risen dramatically so most people can't afford the eid shopping) they have a good time going to each other's homes, visiting relatives and so on… it's gonna be fantastic, my father says. I wish I can be there once and enjoy the Eve with my people…
I wish u a very Happy eid and God bless u!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Little Swallows (parastohaye kochak)

Finally they went! My brother, Esmaeel & my cousin, Ali left for Europe at 7 pm today. It was really a sad moment for us to say goodbye to them, but they had to go… they had to risk for a better life. Oh my dear God! Please help them to reach to their destination healthily. What is this story? I just curse all those war-lords & traitors who (didn’t &) don’t let our country to be relaxed. Curse on them who cause the son (or daughter) be far from his parents & the brother from his sister…Why should our teenagers & young people do hard works (such as construction work, well-drilling, sweeping the streets) here (in Iran) instead of studying to be a useful person for their country? On the other hand, a lot of our youth become addicted to drugs when they migrate to Iran…
When these pains & sorrows are going to leave us? When are we going to wake up? When?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The First Olympic Medal In Afghan History

Congratulations to all Afghans! Congratulations!

Ruhullah Nikpa member of our Olympic team won the first Olympic medal for Afghanistan. I'm so happy that I really don't know how to say. Although he won a bronze medal, it's very valuable for us. It's the first time in the history that we gain a medal in the Olympic Games. My mother was almost crying last night when we heard the news from ATN (Ariana Television Network). Today there is another competition: Nesar Ahmad Bahavi is going to defeat an American taek wondo athlete. I hope he brings another medal too. I wish them all the best.

Ruhullah jan you're the best! We are so proud of you dear. Keep it up hero!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Great Devil

Summer is passing by & the school days are just starting (we should study for another year to enter the university). For those students who have finished high school (like me), summer vacations are shorter than before, because we should study as more as we can to be able to study in our favorite field. But for me & other poor Afghans living here the situation is different. Instead of studying, our mental problem is "will they let us take the entrance exam?" It may seem strange to u, but we have the same problem every year when registering for the school & it gets a bit more difficult when it comes to university. Although my parents moved here with their families when they were children (around 30 years ago) because of war, we have no ID cards. Humanity & human rights are nothing for them but joke, they just claim about that. They address the US "the great devil" , but I think they are the real devil themselves!
I've been the best student at school since I was in the 1st grade of primary school, but now they don't let me enter the uni. We even couldn't go to school for a whole year.
I just wanna be an engineer to be useful for my poor country, nothing more!
I wrote them for u to understand what is our situation & help me if u can.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Migration has its problems, I know that. But the situation for poor Afghans here (in Iran) is very awful. We've got a lot of problems. In this post I mention just one of them: spiritual & mental pressure.
- Hi, do u mind if I ask u something?
- No why?
- Just promise me not to get upset. Ok?
- Ok ask.
- Where are you from?
- (my eyes looking at the ground) oh me? I'm from Mashhad.
- Really? I thought you are afghan.
- No, I'm not…
(Mashhad is one of Iran's cities near Afghanistan-Iran border which most of its people are originally afghan)
I used to have such conversation with my classmates at school. And I'm sure others had too. That may seem funny to you, but the Islamic Republic of Iran has made us be shy of our nationality. Somehow the word "afghan" has become an insult in our mind. "Hey u afghan!", "why are u living here?", "why don't u go back to ur country?" we are used to hear such things when walking in the streets.
But that's enough! I wanna say that I'm not shy any more! I AM afghan & I'm proud of that! I love every span of my country and all my people. Just leave us alone, let us live in peace & rebuild our wounded country.
Oh my dear Afghanistan! I promise u to come back with full hands. We will all get together & build a perfect nation. There will be no sign of violence & injustice anymore. Oh Allah will u help us?

ای زمانه، زمانه بی وفایی در بگیری
ای جدایی، جدایی از کجایی در بگیری
شبهای بی ترانه نمانه نمانه
بی مهری زمانه نمانه نمانه
دلهای آدم آزار بسوزه، بسوزه
آدم بره به میهن بخوانه، بخوانه
دلهای بی تحمل شکسته، شکسته
پیوند شاخه و گل شکسته، شکسته
دنیای بی مروت چی کرده، چی کرده
که ذره ذره کابل شکسته شکسته